Text along path help

I need help on the text along path, I've read some posts that seems to explain the technique a bit but its not working for me though. I'm new to GIMP and are still under learning process of familiarizing myself with the program. I create a path with the path tool and then type some text, then I hit the 'text along path' button from the text dialogue. The text seems to be on the path I created but outlined only, I mean no fill and thats my problem, I can't fill the text with colour, i've tried 'path to selection' on the text but nothing happens. I'm lost there and don't know what's the next step. FYI, I am using GIMP 2.4.

I've tried to google for answer but with no luck, so maybe someone out there have the answer and please show me the way. I really love GIMP for it's simplicity and hope to master this wonderful program. Thanks in advance.