Spam Flame sig

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This is what I call the "Spam Flame" technique. Why is it called that? Because we're going to be getting very familiar with the Flame Filter

** Note: I won't be working with layers in this tut, because I developed this style before I knew how to do that. However, feel free to get creative with this tut, as I'm sure it can be greatly improved.

Finishing Banner -

1. First of all, open up your document (mine will be 400x150 pixels in size).

2. Fill your document with black

3. Now change your background color to white, and your foreground color to whatever color you want the overall banner to be (I'll be using blue).

4. Now we get to start spamming Flame (hehe). Right click and go to Filters > Render > Nature > Flame. If you want, you can click the dotted lines right above "Flame" so that it pops up in it's own window. Then you won't have to keep going to that menu.

5. Now in the Flame window, go to Edit. Change the variation to Linear (it doesn't have to be that. That's just what I prefer), and keep clicking Randomize until you find a flame you like->

6. Once you've found one that you like, click Okay. Then go to the Camera tab. Using the three bars you'll see, move your flame to the position you want.

7. Continue steps 5 and 6 until your entire document is filled with all the Flame that you want-

7.5. [Optional]- This step is just to get you background to be more "one color". Right click and go to Tools > Color Tools > Colorize. Colorize your banner to whatever color you want (although it's probably best if you use a shade of your original color). Here's what you'll get

8. Now we're going to put a bunch of black flames on there. I think it gives the background a bit of a "shadowy" feel to it, and it gives it more depth as well. However, because the flame palette thing (or whatever it's called >.>) is black, you'll want to make both of your colors white, and choose your flame and position of said flame first. After you've chosen your flame, exit out of the flame window, change your colors to black, and then place your flame. I hope that's not too confusing. If it is, try doing this step with layers. This is what you should get

** Note: Sometimes it looks better if you use white instead of black. Just mess around with it and see what you like better.

9. Now switch back to the colors you started with- your main color (mine is blue) for the foreground, and white for the background. Add a couple flames to your document. You should get something like this-

10. Now we get to do something different... not! More flames! ^_^ Add another flame or two to your document to give it more depth (step . You should now have this-

11. Guess what? You're ready to place your render! Does that mean you're done with Flame? No! ^_^ I'll be using Rikku from Kingdom Hearts. Try to make sure that whatever render you use, it won't look too funky if it's shaded the same color as your BG. Before you place your render on the background you've made, we need to change the coloring of your render slightly. Get the Color Selection Tool (the eye dropper), and pick out the shade of blue that is most used in your background. Put that color on for both of your colors. Then get the Gradient Tool. Make sure that you change the mode to Overlay, and your Shape to Linear. Here's what your Gimp should look like

12. In your render window, drag your mouse over it once or twice. You should only need to do it once, but it's your banner, so do what you want. Also, depending on the coloring of your render, you may not need to shade it. Again, do as you please.

13. Place your render on your BG

14. The Flame is back! This step is going to help make your render looks like it actually belongs in your document, rather than just pasting it on top. Change your background color back to white, and your foreground color back to your main color (it might be better to have both of your colors set to black. Try them out and see what you like better). What you want to do is place a Flame, maybe two, over your render, leading off onto your BG. Here's what you should get

Main color version

Black version-

I like the first one better, so I'll use that. And guess what folks? That was your last flame! Yaaaaaay!

15. Now it's time for your border. You can make it the way you want, but here's my favorite method. Get your Rectangle Select Tool, and make sure Feather Edges is selected. Give it a radius of about 10. Select your entire document, leaving about a 3 or 4 pixel wide gap inbetween the edge. Not go to Select > Invert. After that, get your Bucket Fill Tool, and fill the selection with black. You should now have this

16. Now it's time for your text. I'm just going to go simple and use white. Here's what I have

Congradulations! You have just over used one of the many features of Gimp ^_^

Please post your results :)