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Web 2.0 Page Icon


In this tutorial you will learn to create a Web 2.0 Page Icon with a curl effect at the corner with The GIMP.

Design a Dramatic Winged Dragon

Dramatic Winged Dragon

Today I will be teaching you how to design a dramatic winged dragon in Gimp. This tutorial is based off of a Photoshop tutorial.

Create A Grungy Vector Brush


In this tutorial you learn how to create a grunge brush in GIMP.

Advanced photo separation


One of the most common tasks I do with Gimp is to separate a part of the photograph, so I can use it in my Flash projects later.

Create a Worn Vintage Popart Design

Worn Vintage Popart Design in Gimp

Create a worn vintage pop art design in Gimp.

Gimp Cool Shapes Effect Tutorial

Cool Shapes Effect

A short time ago Abduzeedo publish a tutorial showing us how to create an image inspired by Andy Gilmore's work.

GIMP Tutorial - Sin City Style Poster Tutorial


This tutorial covers how to create the Sin City Style Poster. The original tutorial was in Photoshop and has been converted to Gimp.

Create a Fiery Space Explosion


Here's a new tutorial in Gimp for ya guys. Today I'm going to teach you how to create a fiery space explosion in Gimp based on a tutorial by Collis at PSDTuts. Here is what we are going to create.

Awesome Bokeh Effect in Gimp

It was fun to to follow Abduzeedo tutorial for making bokeh digital effect in Photoshop (i'm using photoshop and gimp) and i really excited when i managed to do similar effect in Gimp..