Make An Extremely Real Letter In GIMP - Based On A Photoshop Tutorial

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Hi this is based of a photoshop tutorial i found earlier. And please keep in mind that this is my first tutorial so give me a little credit for trying.

Step 1

Is to create an image, i used '1600px X 1200px'.

Then get the Gradient tool and set the Shape ---> Radial, then use the Gradient tool to make the 'Background' Layer look like this with the Foreground Color set to #461b00 & the Background Color set to #311300

It doesn't have to be perfect, it can be a little off. Just try and get something like this.

Step 2

Is to create a new layer name it 'texture 1', then get This Image Here and go to 'Colors ---> Desaturate ---> Lightness', after that set the 'Layer Opacity to 70%'.

So that you get an effect like this.

Step 3

Now create a new Layer & name it 'canvas', then get this photo, you may need to re-size it, then go to 'Colors ---> Desaturate ---> Lightness', change its 'Mode' to 'Burn', and put the 'Layer Opacity to 10%'.

So you get this effect.

Step 4

Now 'Duplicate' the 'Background Layer' (the gradient one), drag it to the top of all the layers and, put its 'Mode' to 'Overlay', and put the 'Opacity' to '70%'.

So you get something like this.

Step 5

Now create a new layer and make paper shape, then rotate it so that you get this effect.

Step 6

Next, 'Dupilicate' the 'texture 1' layer, drag it over the 'paper' layer, then change its 'Mode' to 'Hard Light', then put the 'Opacity' to '75%'.

Try and get something like this, with a nice grainy effect.

Step 7

This is where you have to pay attention, it's a little trickier.

Select the paper layer and get the paths tool then cut a triangle like this.

Then click selection from path like this and then cut the selection.

After that create a new layer and name it corner, then paste the corner which you just cut out, rotate the corner so its in a folded position (you wont be able to see the corner untill you add the 'Drop Shadow' and then add drop shadow ('Filters ---> Light & Shadow ---> Drop Shadow') and use the values in the image below.

Now you should get an image like this, if not go back and check what you've done.

Here's the finished Image, as you can see i added some text to make it look like a note and downloaded some stamp brushes then just rotated them.

Remember if you want to do what i did at the end then just create a new layer for the stamp, otherwise you'll rotate the whole image, don't worry about the text because Gimp makes a new layer for text anyway.

Hope you enjoyed the TUTORIAL and please comment, rate, appreciate.