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Create a Plastic Font Effect

In this Video Tutorial (in German) I show one way to create a plastic Font Effect.

Shiny Silver Menu Design

This is a tutorial to make a cool looking silver, 3D menu in the GIMP.

Widescreen Border

Give your images a widescreen border to create an effective widescreen look. This will guide you through the steps to make your photos look like a snippet from a widescreen movie.

Getting the most out of the Flame Plugin

Here is my tutorial on how the enhance my favorite Gimp plug, Flame. It's in English but if someone wants to make a written version in a different language by all means go ahead! :)

Create a Curtain

In this Video Tutorial (in German) I show one way to create a Curtain Texture, like an Theatre Curtain.

Photo to vector art

This tutorial shows how to easily and quickly create a vector are from a photo using GIMP and Inkscape.

How to make a ghost with Gimp

Hey! This is my first real tutorial, so dont get mad if its not good and stuff. Im going to be showing you how to make a person look like a ghost.

Correct Color Cast, Using Levels and Curves

A step by step tutorial describing how to correct a color cast in Gimp 2.6, using Levels or Curves tools.

Enhance colors using HSV components

This tutorial shows how to enhance colors of a photograph using HSV components.

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