Volks Logo Tutorial

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Today I'm going to teach you how to recreate the Volkswagen logo. Now generally, logos are made in a scalable vector graphics program such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape so that logos can be resized without any quality loss, but for the sake of this tutorial, I will show you in the Gimp. This tutorial is based off of a Photoshop tutorial by Dr Diablo at RepublicOfCode.com. Let's get started!

Step 1

Create a new rather large, transparent document in the Gimp. I made mine 1000x1000 at 300ppi. Change your foreground color to #82B2E0 and your background color to #012B62. Create a new layer. Select the ellipse select tool and, while holding shift, create a circle taking up the majority of your document. Fill it with out background color.

Step 2

With your selection still active, select the gradient tool. Select the FG to Transparent gradient with out light blue as the foreground color. Pick the radial gradient type and apply it like in the screen shot below.

Step 3

Now we are going to create the emblem on the logo. Press D to reset your foreground and background colors and press X to invert them. Create a new layer. Draw a round selection inside our background circle we created earlier. Fill it with white. Deselect and then create another selection inside that one. Hit delete. You should now have a white ring inside our blue circle. The reason we do it this way instead of shrinking our selections is to keep the selection round. When you shrink a selection, it doesn't stay truly round, but instead gradually forms into a hexagon, and we don't want that.

Step 4

Now we will create the lettering to go inside the ring. Instead of drawing a V and then a W, we will draw an X with a horizontal line through it and then give the X "feet." Confused? Here we go.

Select the Paths tool. Create the first leg of the X like below and fill it with white. Copy/Paste the selection and then flip it horizontally. Merge this layer with the emblem layer. Delete a small section in the middle of the X. Draw legs on the side to form the W and fill them with white. Looking familiar?

Step 5

Now we are done with the drawing part. Download this set of scripts and install them to your Gimp scripts folder. Go to Filters > Script-Fu > Refresh Scripts and a new menu should pop up named Script-Fu next to the Filters menu.

With the emblem layer selected, go to Script-Fu > Layer Effects > Drop Shadow. Use black for the color, 75% opacity, Linear Contour, 0 noise, normal blending, 10 for spread, 10 for size, 145 for offset angle, 5 for offset distance, and layer knocks out drop shadow. Hit ok.

With the same layer still selected, go to Script-Fu > Layer Effects > Inner Shadow. Use black for the color, 5% for the opacity, and 145 for the offset angle. Hit ok.

On the same layer, go to Script-Fu > Layer Effects > Bevel and Emboss. Pick Inner Bevel for the style, 3 for the depth, up for the direction, 10 for soften, 24.7% for the highlight opacity, 41.2% for shadow opacity, and hit ok.

Make sure the Inner Shadow layer is above the Bevel and Emboss layers.

Step 6

Your logo is now complete! You can optionally add some gloss to it or a drop shadow if you like. Enjoy!

Tutorial by: Sarah Davison (SGlider12) ~2009 sglider12.blogspot.com

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