Free Texture Download and Resources Link

GIMP TexutresTextures is always a good stuff for a designer to spice out their work or masterpieces. So today, in this article I’d like to present a list of great high resolution free paper and other textures.I've been surfing the net yesterday and made some list for you.Some of them are from my bookmark. I also have pick some of the textures from deviant art. Download and use it for your next masterpiece!

Textured Design

In this tutorial i will create a textured background with a very neat abstract touch to it. the end results probably isn't that useful for anything other then wallpapers, but nonetheless if your still learning how to use gimp then this tutorial is another great exercise for you.

Make a Gimp pattern from scratch

In this tutorial i will show you how to create a metal like textured pattern from scratch as well as adding text with an engraved effect to it. This could be useful for website backgrounds that repeats as well as signatures,headers etc.

Will start by first creating the actual pattern design and then how to save and place it in the correct folder, and finally creating an example using the pattern with some text.