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How to Design Beautiful iOS App Icons

Some people say it’s not all about looks and that’s true, however, when it comes to selling an iOS app it seems that sometimes image is everything.

Free Texture Download and Resources Link

GIMP TexutresTextures is always a good stuff for a designer to spice out their work or masterpieces. So today, in this article I’d like to present a list of great high resolution free paper and other textures.I've been surfing the net yesterday and made some list for you.Some of them are from my bookmark. I also have pick some of the textures from deviant art. Download and use it for your next masterpiece!

30 nice graphic design blog that offers free graphic design tips

Hello guys..this is my second post here. Today i'll bring you a great list of 30 nice graphic design blog that offers free graphic design tips, which focuses on graphic design such as print design, logo design, web design, branding, typography, advertising & more! Maybe some of u know many of these links, but it is my hope that I can share with you a few if you don’t. Redesigned!

Months in the works and it's finally finished!, Yep has finely received a full redesign. the process was long with many setbacks along the way, I got scammed $200 by a freelancer and a few database corruption which forced me to work 20 hours+ none stop!... but enough with the whining now. lets talk about the new changes...