How to Design Beautiful iOS App Icons

Some people say it’s not all about looks and that’s true, however, when it comes to selling an iOS app it seems that sometimes image is everything.

Some people say it’s not all about looks and that’s true, however, when it comes to selling an iOS app it seems that sometimes image is everything.

The look of an app is what brings in the customers, it’s what people first see when they open their phone and it’s what makes them want to select your app to use.
So if you’re a budding entrepreneur who wants to make a bit hit on the mobile app market then why not checkout a few our hot tips below.

1: Create aRecognisable Brand

The key design point of your app is going to be how your brand looks;you want to make one that stands out against all the others on someone’s phone.

So obviously you want to pick something that will draw the eye, something that causes your customers to pay attention to your little widget first and all the other apps on the phone screen second.

You ideally want something that can be instantly recognised, like how Facebook uses its large white ‘F’ or how Twitter uses their little bird shape for example.

2: Limit Your Palette

Ideally you want to stick to a base set of colours, too much colour on your app could make it look just a little amateur and basic.

You want it to be pleasant to look so your best bet it to stick to prime or complimentary colours, no green and pinks or blues and yellows for example. Instead try something cool like reds and black or dark oranges contrasting with cool whites for example.

You may want to experiment with a few different test colours first before you settle on any one set tone, try to find a nice match that doesn’t look too garish.

3: Don’t Use Text

The worst thing you can do is use text, text graphics take up space on your icon and lead to image clutter than can obscure your app. Plus a lot of users don’t ideally want to have their apps on their phone homepage littered with tons of text, it just doesn’t look right.

Your best to stick to just plain images, not only does this reduce clutter on the screen but it can also make your app look more stylish and sophisticated.

4: Make It Look Professional

At the end of the day your app is something you want to sell, so you should market it as such and when it comes to marketing your image quality is everything.

When choosing your base image not only do you need to choose a unique shape, but you also have to pick something tasteful. Remember this will be something that will appear on someone’s phone home screen so try to go for something that people will instantly love.

You want to aim for an image that someone will look at and consider cool, ideally an app you’re your user base will instantly want to adorn their phone with.

Also don’t try to make your app look too artsy otherwise you might look too complicated or expensive, likewise don’t make it look too simple otherwise your app will look basic and boring or just uninteresting.

Overall when it comes to designing your iOS app you should follow the golden rule of: “Keep it simple stupid.”
Don’t try to overcomplicate your original app ideas, just try to keep your app designs and ideas as straightforward and as simple as you can.

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So if you follow our small list you should find that you’ll have a popular app that will find itself ranked amongst the top tiers of mobile iOS apps in little to no time at all.