How to Design Beautiful iOS App Icons

Some people say it’s not all about looks and that’s true, however, when it comes to selling an iOS app it seems that sometimes image is everything.

Graffiti Tutorial

Today we are going to create some realistic graffiti in the Gimp. This tutorial is partially inspired off of Photoshop tutorial by DreamDealer v5.0 at DreamDealer.nl Let's get started!

Make An Extremely Real Letter In GIMP - Based On A Photoshop Tutorial

Hi this is based of a photoshop tutorial i found earlier. And please keep in mind that this is my first tutorial so give me a little credit for trying.


You really need to see the end results to appreciate this tutorial, the preview image doesn't show much :),this Gimp tutorial is meant for Intermediate and above users, but never the less i advise beginners to have a go at it since i do try my best to explain the steps in detail.

Mac style Wallpaper

Saw this great Wallpaper tutorial on Psdtuts.com by Collis for PS and i really liked the outcome, i have re-created it with Gimp using different techniques to achieve the same effect.

even though this original wallpaper was inspired by macs wallpaper i added a touch of Ubuntu logo,lately Ubuntu has really caught my attention to the extent I'm considering buying a Dell laptop Inspiron Notebook 1420 N with pre-installed Ubuntu on it and best of all its only $749 :).