Web 2.0 Text logo

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This web 2.0 text logo tutorial was made for beginners as well as intermediate users, ill be doing it step by step and try not to skip anything so expect it too be long and easy!. will be learning several techniques that could be used for many things other than text logos, some of what will be doing:

  • Using a Mask layer to create the text logo reflection.
  • Using the Ellipse Selection tool on subtract mode to create the glassy effect.
  • Using Grow Selection to create Smooth outline/borders.

This it the outcome of this Text logo tutorial

I'm currently using Gimp 2.4 candidate version and i think some things might be different I'll mention it in the tutorial when coming across it.


Step 1

Open a new image 420x300 select the Text Tool from the Tools Dialog and choose your font and type in a word, Rename the Text layer to "Main text"

Step 2

in the layer dialog tick the "lock alpha channel"
* In 2.2 its located a bit on the right.

Step 3

Now will use the "Web 2.0 Grey Blue 3D" Gradient from the Pre-made web 2.0 Gradient pack
that can be found here but if you don't have don't worry ill show you how.

Step 4

skip this step if you have downloaded the Gradient pack.
To create the gradient click on "New Gradient"

Name it "Web 2.0 Grey Blue 3D" or anything that you will remember. Click on the little left Triangle Add the color 6291c0 for the "Left Endpoint" then clicking on the right little triangle and adding cce6f9 for the "Right Endpoint", and finally sliding the middle triangle to the right side as shown in the image below, then save.

Step 5

now that we have the Gradient color select the "Blend tool" and from the Gradient Dialog select the newly created Gradient "Web 2.0 Grey Blue 3D" and place it below the text and drag from bottom to top.

This is how it should look

Step 6

creating smooth outlines was something that took a while to figure out,to do this first right click on the "main text" layer and select "Alpha to selection".

Step 7

Then go to Select>Grow to access the "Grow Selection" dialog or you can right click on top of the Text and in the menu click on Select then Grow, will add 3px for the Grow Selection.

Click on "Create new Layer" Name it "Border" and fill it with 293a47 Dark blue using the "Bucket Fill Tool", place it behind the "Main Text" layer to become a border.

Will Create the reflection effect by duplicating the "Main Text" Layer and the "Border" layer and merging them down

Step 8

Right click on the Border Layer and in the menu click on "Duplicate Layer" Move the layer on top of the "Main text" layer by

Do the same for the for The "Main text" layer and move it ontop of the "border Copy" layer

Step 9

Now Merge the two new duplicated layers by right clicking on on the "Main Text#1" layer and in the menu click on "Merge Down" now Rename the layer to "Reflection"

Step 10

Before we move the reflection into position De-select any selected layer by going to Select>None

Using the "Move Tool" place the the new duplicated text logo image below the original text logo, Grab the "Flip tool" make sure its on Vertical mode, then drag upwards to finally flip it.

Step 11

Right click on the "Reflection" layer and in the menu click on "Add Layer Mask" and select "Black Full Transparency" now click Add.

Step 12

Grab the Blend tool and select the "FG to BG (RGB)" Gradient and apply it to the reflection from bottom to top.

It should look like this

Step 13

Were almost finished now all thats needed is the glassy effect :)

Grab the "Ellipse Select Tool", make sure its on "Subtract mode"

Step 14

Now that you have the "Ellipse Selection" Tool Right click on the "Main Text" Layer, and in the menu click on "Alpha to Selection" then drag across the lower bottom part of the "Main text" logo and hit Enter, now in the layer dialog click on "Create new layer" and name it "Glassy effect".

Step 15

to finish it off Grab the the "Bucket fill tool" and apply a "White" color to the highlighted selection.

Step 16

This is the final step:D go to the Layer dialog and slide the opacity to 30.5.

There you go! you should have the same outcome as mine :)

let us see your outcome in the showcase forum section, and of course just ask if you need any extra help :) feedback always appreciated to get that energy boost needed to write some more tutorials :D.

Note: The xcf Source file is attach at the bottom for download.

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