Painting Clouds

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Painting puffy clouds is easy and fun, in addition to stress-relieving (:
This is relatively beginner friendly, since only a few tools are used. Lots of pictures and steps included!


Create an empty canvas. Lets fill it with a nice sky color, blue perhaps. Now you may follow the next step or, otherwise skip it and use a the gradient tool instead. I personally prefer the following step because then the sky looks more natural, but if you're feel lazy ... gradient tool is always an option.


Use the dodge tool (or pick your own colors) to vary the shades ...

Smudge ... (use a big sized brush for more efficiency!)

Hint: usually the sky is lighter near
the horizon...


Dodge tool again! Set to "dodge" and make a roughly cloud-shaped blob..

Smudge the edges to make it puffy (:


Use the same dodge settings as before, make another blob on top (same layer) that is a little smaller than the previous blob ...

Smudge again! Try not to smudge the previous blob outline, so that there are different shades. It adds dimension/depth (:


Now .. pick a smaller brush!
Using dodge tool on same settings, scribble little outlines on some parts of the cloud ... mostly the bottom and some sides. Don't over do this!

Now with a slightly larger brush, smudge .. again, not too much, because a healthy cloud has depth and puffiness (:


odge again ...

Smudge again ...

Hint: when smudging, it is VERY important to use a SMALL brush size and also not to smudge TOO much or else the cloud will become ONE BIG UNICOLOR BLOB! Noooo! D:


Now repeat until your cloud is nice
and puffy ...

Your creation is complete!

I would add the file, but its just all on one layer... ;__;

Yep, that's about it! Enjoy your clouding experience :D

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