Learn How To Make an Awersome Looking Orb

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This is what you can achieve follow this tutorial

Step one

Start by creating a new document at 600X600 pixels. Then garb your ellipse select tool (E) and make a 500X500 selection in the middle, i set some guides to help me out, just grab the ruler and drag across to 300.

Step two

now lets get some nice blue colours, I used 194f92 and 1c72dd but you can use whatever you want. Then draw a radial gradient from the center to the edge of the selection.

Step three

Now make a new layer and name it 'glow' left click on the circle layer and select alpha to selection, now make a circular selection nere the bottom of your circle, but make sure you hold ctrl! now go to selection-feather and feather it by 100 pixels. fill this with white, then alpha to select the circle like before. Now invert the selection and press delete. you should end up with something like this-

Step four

Ok, now alpha to select the glow layer, invert it and make a new layer named 'glow2' fill this with black. Then do as before and select the circle layer, invert and delete on the new glow2 layer.

Step five

Make a new layer called 'shine' and make a circular selection at the top of the circle. Now get the gradient tool and select the fg to transparent gradient, make sure the colour is white. Now make the gradient from the top of the circle to the bottom of the selection. you should end up with this-

Step six

Ok, now duplicate that layer. Here is where the magic starts to happen =P! Set the glow, glow2 and both the shine layers to overlay. Ooh! now that's diferent huh? but not quite as nice as the preview, wait for the next step!

Step seven

Here's the really cool bit! go to filters-distorts-lens distortion and enter - 10, 60, 1, 1, 0, 0 to all the fields, top to bottom. Do this to all of your layers. you will notice that the circle layer is slightly transparent now, just duplicate it and merge it down.

The final result!

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