Windows Vista Folder Icon

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In this tutorial I will show you how to make a Windows Vista Icon in Gimp. This is the first time I use GIMP. so if I name a tool name wrong, sorry. I was using GIMP 2.2 on Mac OS X during the tutorial.

Step 1

Go to File > New and create a new image 250 x 250px.

Step 2

Create a new Layer, and with the Path Tool create something like this:

Step 3

Click on "Create selection from path" in the path's tool options.

Step 4

Now you will see the the design you made with the path tool is selected and dotted.

Change your colours to: #fff29e to ffd46f :

And with the Gradient Tool, drag it from the top of the folder to the bottom, this is how it should look:

Step 5

Select the folder and go to Select > Grow - Grow by 1 Pixel. Now go to Select > Border - Border Selection by 1 Pixel. Change your color to: #fff4db, and with the Paint Bucket (Shift + B) Paint the border. Now go to Select > None.

Step 6

Select Again the folder. and go to Select Grow by 2 pixels. Now go to Select > Border - Selection by 1 Pixel. Change your color to: #f4c85b, and with the Paint Bucket (Shift + B) Pain the border. Now go to Select > None, and should look like this:

Step 7

Go to Layer > Layer Duplicate. Hide the first Layer: like this:

Step 8

With your 2nd layer. Select the "Change Prespective Tool" (Shift + P) and do this:

9. Select the Scale Took (Shift + T) and Scale the image down to:

Step 9

We are done with the folder, now we need to add the shadow.

Step 10

Make a New Layer. Now with the "Select Elliptical Regions Tool" (E). Create a circle like this one:

Step 11

Color the Circle in the new layer with whatever color you want (color will not affect the final result). Now click Select > None.. You should have this:

Step 13

Now on the Layers option, change the opacity to 0.0

Step 14

Now go to Script-Fu > Shadow > Drop Shadow and Apply this Settings:

Step 15

A New Layer called Drop Shadow will be made. Drag that Layer between Background and the First Layer:

Step 16

Drag the Layer Shadow back of the folder, and you should get this:

Now you can add Papers, Music Notes, Movies inside the folder and make it for whatever you want. Enjoy!!

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