Create a logo with the path tool

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Some of the best logos in the world are simple,logos which consists of basically text and a unique symbol. a few famous examples are myspace,youtube,Yahoo,google.

In this logo tutorial for Gimp will create text and a simple symbol using the Path tool and colour using Gradient fills from the 30 Ultimate Web 2.0 Layer Styles for Gimp pack that can be found at the download section.

Step 1

Create a new image, 300x400 will do.

Step 2

I will use Segoe UI Bold. Pick your own suitable Font if you don't have the same as mine, fonts are one of the most important things in Designing logos, its a hard decision sometimes, so spend extra time and see what suits the style of your site.

Step 3

Type in a word, I typed in which is one of my graphic design service sites name.

Step 4

Now I'm assuming you downloaded the "web 2.0 layer styles for gimp" pack if you haven't and you want do it the hard way, you can create your own gradient style your self by going to Gradient tab/Dialog,and click on New Gradient now enter the values of 3f4c6b for the Left ends point and 606b88 for the Right Ends point.

if you did download the the pack then where going to use the "Web 2.0 Grey 3D" Gradient".

Step 5

Make sure you have Lock alpha channel ticked in the layer dialog.

Step 6

Now apply the "Web 2.0 Grey 3D" Gradient" Gradient from top to bottom

Make sure its straight so the colors are not on an angle, it should look like this

Step 7

Now duplicate the layer and fill it with the same gradient but this time from bottom to top. make sure this layer is at the back and behind the other layers.

Step 8

Create a new layer name it Symbol then Grab the Path tool make sure its on Design mode and Draw a strangle, then close the triangle by clicking on Edit mode and clicking to the end point.

Step 9

Now still in Edit mode drag click on the middle of the right line and drag to a few px and it will curve as shown below

Step 10

Now click the Create selection from path button,
Grab the Gradient fill tool if you have the 30 Ultimate Web 2.0 Layer Styles for Gimp Gradients select the Web 2.0 Red 3D Gradient and apply it from left to upper right as shown in the picture, if you don't have the gradients create your own one as mentioned in step 4 but this time d11414 for the Left End's point and fe1b01 for the Right End's point.

Step 11

duplicate the Symbol layer make sure its behind the original symbol layer and make the opacity to 27

There you go!
now you should try to be more creative and draw more complex symbols with the path tool.

i hope this was useful to anyone out there :) feedback is appreciated , i check more then 5 times a day so if anyone needs help just post here or use the forum and be sure that i will reply.

you can download the Source of this tutorial attached below