Engraved Text with GIMP

Remember a while back one of our forum members asked how to engrave text in GIMP, well this GIMP tutorial will show you how.

Fun with light

In this GIMP tutorial we will transform this stock bulb photo into a switched on 2watt? light bulb :).

Super Slick Dusky Lighting Effects in Gimp

Super Slick Dusky Lighting Effects in Photoshop now in Gimp
The original tutorial was made by Collis from PSDtuts. This is just that tutorial made with gimp.

Contaminated Effect

Warning! contamination ahead. suite up and get ready for an awesome effect tutorial :)
In this tutorial we will use various overlay techniques, the pen tool and how to use stock images to add texture to the design.

MSNBC Style Effect

This GIMP tutorial will teach you how to create an effect similar to the one used at MSNBC.com.

Souping up a Photo

This is one of a number of PSDtuts.com tutorials i will be redoing in GIMP, this tutorial will teach you how to add that extra touch to your already great photo.

Folded Paper Tip

This technique is common these days on blogs,icons, backgrounds etc so in this tutorial I will teach how to create a fairly simple folded paper tip.

Adding life into a Flat Photograph

This tutorial was converted from Giackop's tutorial at psdtuts.com.
its been a while since I've done a tutorial that's because i broke my hand and find it hard to type with only my left.

Textured Design

In this tutorial i will create a textured background with a very neat abstract touch to it. the end results probably isn't that useful for anything other then wallpapers, but nonetheless if your still learning how to use gimp then this tutorial is another great exercise for you.


Use Colorful Cardstock Papers to create amazing artwork.